Preparing Your Guest Room For The Holidays

December 12, 2017

Do you have guests coming for Christmas? This time of year can be stressful. Between the holiday shopping, parties, cookie swaps, teacher gifts, neighborhood get togethers, guests coming over, details details details – it can get pretty overwhelming. One way to decrease the chaos is making sure that your guest room is ready prior to the day your company arrives. Below we have given some easy tips to make your guests feel like royalty during their stay in your home.

Go the Extra Mile to Offer Comfort

Give your guests a warm welcome. Set up their space like a Bed and Breakfast retreat. Make sure they have a spot to set up their belongings while they are staying with you. If there is no closet, provide a storage ottoman, a dresser, and wall hooks to hang clothes or towels.

If you know your kids get up early, provide a white noise machine so they are not disturbed. If possible, make sure your guests have close access to a private bathroom. Make sure there is a way for them to control their room temperature. If they can’t access the thermostat, provide extra blankets, a space heater and a small fan. Make up the bed with fresh, high-thread count linens, an elegant comforter, and several pillows. Make sure the windows have treatments on them, for the option to block the sun. Leave a set of slippers and a sleep mask, fresh towels, an extra set of sheets, and maybe even a robe.

Don’t forget about technology—make sure you have a place for them to charge their electronics, and provide the WiFi password. Your guests will appreciate your thoughtfulness and the effort you put into their comfort while staying in your home for the holidays.

Stock a guest tray full of goodies

This is like your guest swag bag. Think about what you would like in a hotel – water? Candies/treats? A card? I bet you have all you need, already in your home, to create a beautiful welcome tray. Place the tray on the bed to give the impression that these snacks and treats are specifically for them. Leave their favorite treat or mint in a small container, just in case they get a sweet tooth. Make sure to also keep a stash of spare toothbrushes and toast paste on hand as well. Providing water and a cup by the bed will help those middle of the night water runs. We also recommend keeping fresh towels and a few other basic toiletries in the guest bathroom like makeup wipes, shampoo, soap and hairspray.

Side note: Having a small plate/dish/bowl on the nightstand(s) for guests to clear their pockets and safely place their jewelry is a small detail that won’t go unnoticed. Having a dedicated space for their smallest items will create a “home base” for their treasures instead of each day turning into a scavenger hunt across all flat surfaces and luggage.

Provide a laundry hamper in the room

It’s easy to become disorganized while traveling if you do not have a place to sort your already worn clothes from the clean ones. If you are living out of your suitcase, this is especially tricky. If you have a hamper available to your guests, you can inset a plastic liner/put plastic bags in the bottom. When their stay is over, they can cinch the bag, pull it out, and take it with them.


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