Wednesday Word Round-Up

November 29, 2017

Accountability, Compassion, Education & Obsession // Just four words to describe the Catalyst Home Team experience. Above all, we look to the golden rule to give a 10+ Customer Experience: Love Your Neighbor As Yourself. It is even reflected in our mission statement:

We are about people first: building and nurturing strong relationships for life. We are in the people business, serving real estate needs. We aim to provide experiences of exceptional quality, servant hearted leadership and trustworthy guidance, connections with excellent resources, and consistent engagement all through a relationship driven approach.

Accountability, Compassion, Education & Obsession

ACCOUNTABILITY: We know problems arise. We listen, we are accessible and we are accountable for bringing solutions and acting with urgency to make the right decisions for you.

COMPASSION: We are all human and we want to ensure we share the load of supporting our people through the highs and lows of difficulty, challenge and change.

EDUCATION: We call ourselves life-long learners and we want to share our information so that we can be a useful resource for all of your needs.

OBSESSION: We are obsessed about delivering the best experience possible and delighting our clients. We aim to fulfill the expressed and unexpressed needs and wants of our relationships.


Here at Catalyst Home Team, we know that everyone’s journey is unique, which is why we offer custom fit solutions. We work hard to establish mutual trust, streamlining the process to leave our clients feeling valued, educated + heard. The weight of helping our city become better, overall, and that mission is translated to home buying and selling in our world. Helping others move from renting to owning is a joy. Educating clients on investing in real estate and setting up their family legacy is a delight. And using our knowledge of the market to help our clients sell their current homes, whether to move up or downsize, feels as if we are being good stewards of the knowledge and experience we have gained over the years. All of it, every step, rewarding.

Here is a story that we shared on our social media the other day of a closing:

B A C K   I N   T H E   F A M I L Y what a happy closing day! Our seller, Judy, was able to hand the keys over to Liz & Bill for the home Liz grew up in! It’s really a neat story. Liz’s dad was a Colonel at Dobbins Air Force Base. He decided to build a home on 11 acres in Marietta and, while building, he decided to pick up their current home to be moved on the 5 acres in front of their new land. He wanted his aging parents to live their days out there. Sadly, he didn’t get to finish “the big house” before he passed and both properties had to be sold when Liz was a teenager. Liz eventually became a traveling flight nurse for 30+ years. She ran into Bill, her high school sweet heart, about 8 years ago & they got married. Several years ago she saw her childhood home available for rent & they moved in with the hopes to buy it back into the family one day. Judy was ready to sell this house in order to have funds to fix up “the big house” up the hill [the one Liz’s dad couldn’t finish] and sell it too. She’ll be down sizing into an Active Adult community. We love it when it’s a win-win for everyone! Liz hopes they’ll win the lottery so they can buy back the big house soon too! Congratulations Judy! We’re excited for what’s ahead for you!

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