Wednesday Word Round Up

October 25, 2017

Innovation, Trust & Empathy // Just three words to describe the Catalyst Home Team experience. Above all, we look to the golden rule to give a 10+ Customer Experience: Love Your Neighbor As Yourself. It is even reflected in our mission statement:

We are about people first: building and nurturing strong relationships for life. We are in the people business, serving real estate needs. We aim to provide experiences of exceptional quality, servant hearted leadership and trustworthy guidance, connections with excellent resources, and consistent engagement all through a relationship driven approach.

Innovation, Trust, Empathy

INNOVATION: We believe creativity brings an edge and competitive advantage that are a critical components of driving successful outcomes, whether we are seeking for new ways to sell your home faster and for more money, or whether we are finding better ways to respond to your needs.

TRUST: We want to earn your trust from the first conversation and extend it through each step of the journey, by providing valuable insight and transparency.

EMPATHY: We have a spirit of hospitality to cultivate lasting relationships. We value your perspectives and we will always seek first to understand, and then to be understood.


Here at Catalyst Home Team, we know that everyone’s journey is unique, which is why we offer custom fit solutions. We work hard to establish mutual trust, streamlining the process to leave our clients feeling valued, educated + heard. The weight of helping our city become better, overall, and that mission is translated to home buying and selling in our world. Helping others move from renting to owning is a joy. Educating clients on investing in real estate and setting up their family legacy is a delight. And using our knowledge of the market to help our clients sell their current homes, whether to move up or downsize, feels as if we are being good stewards of the knowledge and experience we have gained over the years. All of it, every step, rewarding.

Here is a story that we shared on our social media the other day of a closing:

Welcome David & Bo as our newest Georgia residents, transferring down from New Jersey! David made a career change so they could be closer to Bo’s parents + sister’s family here in Atlanta. They are the quiet & calm type. From the moment I met them, I prayed their purchase here would be as calm & easy as their personalities. It was! Some of Bo’s sisters friends are the next door neighbors of the home they closed on today & alerted us to this home coming on the market soon several months ago. When Bo heard about it, she went over to meet the sellers & take a quick peak. They needed their home in NJ to go under contract before placing an offer here. So as they waited for that to happen, the sellers for their new home were preparing the home for sale. Since Bo had met the wife, they had already established a connection. We wrote an endearing letter to the sellers about how grateful they were to have everything in great condition to move in & it sealed the deal! There’s a neat little shed type building in their back yard that the wife used to write – she’s a published author & needed a devoted space to write creatively. There’s also a gorgeous sun room addition, 2 decks a partially finished basement & a wonderfully flat back yard- ALL great spaces for a home school environment. David’s work commute is short and their home provides everything they need for space to home school the girls. There were several semi major hiccups during the inspection. The sellers have SO much pride for their long time home, and fantastic hearts to do the right thing. They agreed to the repairs requested & when they were complete, sent the most comprehensive 50+ page report on each repair work, PLUS extra that wasn’t even requested. It’s neat that the sellers are retiring & moving to Portugal for a fun new adventure, so they also left a bunch of extras for Bo & David. It was a very pleasureful closing this morning with everyone together. Bo & David were elated with how smooth + easy the whole process was! It’s always a joy when all the stress + drama is left at the door. Welcome home to Georgia!

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