Wednesday Round-up // We Love You Atlanta

August 30, 2017

Excellence, Passion and Integrity // Just three words to describe the Catalyst Home Team experience. Above all, we look to the golden rule to give a 10+ Customer Experience: Love Your Neighbor As Yourself. It is even reflected in our mission statement:

We are about people first: building and nurturing strong relationships for life. We are in the people business, serving real estate needs. We aim to provide experiences of exceptional quality, servant hearted leadership and trustworthy guidance, connections with excellent resources, and consistent engagement all through a relationship driven approach.

Excellence, Passion and Integrity

EXCELLENCE: We raise the bar in everything we do. We make no excuses for setting very high standards and high expectations for everyone we serve and collaborate with. We create unique, memorable, personal, and uncompromisable experiences.

PASSION: We are passionate about being a catalyst for courage, inspiration, forward growth and action in the lives of those around us, one client, one business partner, one friend at a time.

INTEGRITY: We deal in good faith. We are honest, fair, ethical and aim for a win-win scenario for all involved. Relationships are our most important asset. We go above and beyond to protect and grow them.

We also LOVE Atlanta and it’s surrounding neighborhoods. Here at Catalyst Home Team, we are firm believers that you need to love where you live. The weight of helping our city become better, overall, and that mission is translated to home buying and selling in our world. Helping others move from renting to owning is a joy. Educating clients on investing in real estate and setting up their family legacy is a delight. And using our knowledge of the market to help our clients sell their current homes, whether to move up or downsize, feels as if we are being good stewards of the knowledge and experience we have gained over the years. All of it, every step, rewarding.

Here is a story that we shared on our social media the other day of a closing:

Meet Jen Miller:

“Jen is officially #adulting beginning today as she heads to Dekalb offices to turn on the water service for her beautiful town home! This was one of the toughest + most emotional journeys she’s faced so far. Jen has traveled & lived in other countries, including 3rd world countries, & she has a wonderful perspective on “things” & “space.” She knew exactly what she wanted & she wasn’t unreasonable w/her needs. There just aren’t many town home communities that offer the community feel she was looking for in the area she had been dreaming & praying over for the last several years.

There were many days where it felt like those important things were unattainable & impossible. Our God is the God of the impossible though! He delights in allowing the desires He’s put in our hearts to come to fruition. If you’ve seen this to be true in your life, you know His time table is often SO very different than ours. Can anybody relate? 🙋🏼 And, yet, still, it is all in perfect timing. Even as we were walking out of the attorney’s office, we were discussing how the official tax bill’s JUST came out at the end of last week, and how the seller had to pay the prorated portion of the exact bill – not just the “estimated” prorated portion, which was originally a lower amount in this case.

God cares about all the details. Most of all, He cares about the relationship with us + position of our hearts. I can attest that being a single gal in today’s culture, strong INdependence is almost forced on you. God is after our hearts, after total dependence on Him, so that we can get out of our own way and allow Him to shine through in all of His Glory! Jen is a shining example of taking each of the burdens along the way to God in prayer, allowing Him to fully orchestrate the details, and receiving the perfect home that would have otherwise been impossible for ALL the reasons that you can think of. It is a great honor to walk these journeys with our clients, and it is a greater honor to call them friend after their transaction is done. Happy Day Jen! You deserve all the celebrations!”

It’s people, like Jen, who remind of why we do what we do!

As we wrap up this round up, we would love to get to know who you know that needs help either buying or selling a home.

Contact us today 678.671.0202.

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