Big Wheels Keep On Turning… Unless…There’s a Flat

August 29, 2017

ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL? We are 2 days away from the kick off of the 2017 College Football season. Our beloved football expert and business coach, David Patterson, shares his thoughts on this year’s teams. What’s the strongest conference in the country? Whether you’re a fan of SEC, ACC or Big 10, Big 12, PAC 12 [is there even anyone else? :)] we think you’ll enjoy his predictions. What are yours?


Welcome to another season of College Football in The South…also known as…The
National Football League Developmental League.


In this life…there are some GIVENS:

First…Father Time will remain undefeated.…and so will Floyd “Money” Mayweather.

Second…Taxes and a daily tweet from Donald Trump.

Third…Alabama Crimson Tide football…or so it would seem.


As we enter the 2017 season…Nicholas Lou Saban, Jr.’s Powerhouse continues to be
a fixture in the College Football Playoff. Could 2017 bring a shift in power?

Many have already declared The Southeastern Football Conference to no longer be “The Gold Standard”. Will this actually be proven true this year?

Well, Saturday, September 2 in Mr. Arthur Blanks NEW Play Pen will give us an early indication. The men from Tuscaloosa will face the Proud Seminole Nation from Florida State University. This should be an epic battle to start the 2017 campaign.


I will not make any predictions about the game itself. However…I believe this. Alabama losing to Florida State is a possibility and…unlike most years…a serious blow to the national championship path. This is not due to having a crooked number in the Loss Column.

There is a confrontation waiting on The Crimson Tide… November 25 on The Plains in Jordan-Hare.

Many prognosticators believe in the 2017 Edition of the Auburn Tigers. If Nick Saban’s team loses both of those games, we might experience something new in the Fourth College Football Playoff.

We also will not see the Clemson Tigers repeat this year. Three Words…No. Deshaun. Watson!


With that said…who are the candidates to raise the trophy in Hotlanta? Last year…we had a “Sleeper Darkhorse” in the Washington Huskies. I believe another sleeper is going to come out of that same conference.

In the year of Heisman Trophy Winner Orenthal James Simpson release from a Nevada prison, The University of Southern California Trojans are poised to run the table and be highly considered for a playoff bid. Of course, there schedule is as strong as a wet paper bag. If we’re using strength of schedule and quality of team as two key factors in determining a National Championship…I would seriously consider extending a CFP Bid to a two-loss Alabama over an undefeated USC Trojans Team.

However…that will never happen. Fortunately, for both teams, there are four spots.

Who will occupy the final two?


Look for the Michigan Wolverines to disappoint this season. As for those Gamecocks in Columbia, South Carolina, they are not as bad as people may say or think. Two Words… Jake Bentley. Pay attention to this guy and to the gamecocks in 2018.

Now…we come to the Big 10. If there’s been one team as consistent as the Crimson Tide…it is THE Ohio State University. In the interest of being a bit different…and showing my bias, I’m putting my proverbial money on Coach James Franklin.

Coach Franklin is doing a wonderful job in Happy Valley. It is only a matter of time before he is coaching for a National Championship.


With all of that out of the way…I’ll say this….

Alabama versus Penn State

Southern California (without O.J. in attendance) versus THE Florida State University.

Alabama and Florida State will begin the year against each other…and quite possibly…end the year playing each other in the final game.


Enjoy the season!

To keep up with your favorite team, check out our football schedule below:

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