Where to watch the Great American Eclipse in Georgia

August 11, 2017

8 Georgia places to catch the longest views of the Solar Eclipse


Here are some of the best places to watch the celestial event of the century, without leaving the Peach State


In less than two weeks, a total solar eclipse will make its way across the country, and part of northeast Georgia is in the path of totality! Spectators outside the center-line path will observe a two- to three-hour partial solar eclipse. That includes residents in metro Atlanta, which is between 40-80 miles outside the center-line path. At about 2:20 pm on Aug. 21, the moon will pass in front of the sun, resulting in a near blackout in North Georgia.

While metro Atlantans will be able to experience a near-total eclipse—those north of Interstate 20 will see 97-percent coverage of the sun—scientists are urging those who can to head north for the full experience. With 11 counties to choose from, offering between 30 seconds and more than two and 1/2 minutes of total eclipse time, there are plenty of options. But for the longest experience, you’ll have to head to Rabun County.

Best place to watch the solar eclipse in Georgia? See the locations slated to record the longest time in full eclipse according to NASA. And for those who’ll be stuck in downtown offices, Central Atlanta Progress will be hosting a viewing party in Woodruff Park for those of you who want to watch the solar eclipse in Atlanta.


1 Germany

If you want to go where even Google Street View hasn’t gone, the community of Germany will afford visitors two minutes and 37 seconds of total eclipse viewing. And with a runway known as “Heavens Landing,” it’s probably the best bet for those planning to fly in.


2 Clayton

As the most populated city in Rabun County, Clayton is the best bet for finding a bite to eat in the two-and-1/2-minute zone.


3 Pine Mountain

Nothing more than a few homes scattered among winding roads in the forests of eastern Rabun County, Pine Mountain will experience two minutes and 37 seconds of total eclipse.


4 Mountain City

Mountain City, with more than 1,000 residents, is the most populated town located within the path which will afford two minutes and 38 seconds worth of total eclipse viewing time.


5 York

Little more than a wide spot in the road, York will experience around two minutes and 38 seconds of total solar eclipse.


6 Rabun Gap

Off the beaten path, the unincorporated community of Rabun Gap will experience two minutes and 38 seconds of total eclipse.


7 Sky Valley

The picturesque town of Sky Valley will be afforded two minutes and 38 seconds of total eclipse viewing time.


8 Dillard

Located on the border of North Carolina, off Ga. Highway 23, Dillard will offer the longest opportunity for a glimpse of the total eclipse, with two minutes and 39 (!) seconds of full coverage.



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