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August 3, 2017
We wanted to share a quick story of our journey with the Catalyst Home Team’s website – buckle up, this is going to be a wild one.
We started out with the generic website that KW realtors get as a freebie when they sign on, with hopes to find a designer to eventually take us to the next level with options. We stayed with this “place holder” for a while and then started to explore other options. It was quite the process. The first company that we found offered us a decent quote and told us that they could do everything we wanted/needed from our dream list of requirements… then proceeded to drag their feet for about 6 months back and forth and back and forth. All the while, we waited. And waited. We received other quotes from website designers that were 4-5xs this company’s rates, so we thought the time that it was taking them was surely a reflection of the “you get what you pay for” game.
We ended up firing this company, as our business was moving quite a bit faster than the glacial pace they were willing to stroll. After going back and re-evaluating our options, we felt like we should try and build it ourselves, after all, what’s youtube out there for anyways?! Our Client Care Coordinator had a little bit of website experience in the wordpress platform, so we purchased a template offline and set out to pull ourselves up by the bootstraps and do it ourselves. BOY were we wrong in the assumption that a template would be just a drag and drop scenario. We found ourselves WAY over our heads and needed some SERIOUS help.

This is where we cue the angels singing from heaven.

After months upon months of going to strangers for design help, we decided to rack our brains to think about who in our circle of friends has experience in website building and ding ding ding – Jason Hunnicutt came to mind. We exchanged a few text messages and come to find out, he has tons of experience with realtor websites AND he had the capacity to take us on as clients. Bingo, and praise the sweet Lord on high.
Jason is a part of a company called Buzzhive Marketing. They specialize in all things marketing related, but thankfully also set up websites as well. Jason is a smart, warm, and conscientious human being – he sincerely CARES for people and it shows in his hard work and honest communication. He saw where we were at and the road we had been on and met us there. We couldn’t honestly say enough about how wonderful our experience was with our website build out once we went with Buzzhive. All the other designers we had spoken to gave us a “no” before we eventually weaseled a “maybe” out of them and with Jason, it was a “yes” every time. He is savvy and creative with just simply making it happen and quite frankly, a true God-send to our very particular (eh-hem… picky…)  team of people.
Because we love to shout from the rooftops whenever we experience a wonderful business//human like Jason and Buzzhive Marketing, we wanted to find out all of the services he offers, with hopes that if you are in need, you could hear directly from the source.

So here are some highlights of Buzzhive Marketing:

    Buzzhive specializes in development of ongoing marketing campaigns for businesses all over the world. Our programs assist small and medium sized companies to international brands with every aspect of marketing to content development, graphic design, programming, hosting and website launch.
    Buzzhive Marketing – We use effective and tested methods to help your company, business or brand get found locally online today, helping more people find you. Our team will help you not only build your business but understand the leading trends in as well as what is in store for the future so you can properly prepare or adjust your marketing strategy.
    Buzzhive Business Coaching – Buzzhive Marketing wants to partner with you to plan, troubleshoot, execute and dream in every area of your business. We have setup an exclusive opportunity for you to network with us and other business owners in an effort to help your business thrive.
    Buzzhive Web Design – Buzzhive specializes in custom web design and development for small business in Woodstock, Marietta, Alpharetta, Roswell and all over Atlanta. Our programs assist small to medium sized companies with every aspect of a web development project – from marketing to content development, graphic design, programming, hosting and website launch.

Jason, honestly we couldn’t be more thrilled with the timing, quality and customer service y’all have given us. We are now officially members of your biggest fan club and vow to let everyone know how awesome y’all are.
Please make sure you check out their work here:
facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BuzzhiveMarketing/
twitter: https://twitter.com/thebuzzhive
google: link
linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/buzzhive-llc

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