Our 2017 Referral Party : Skyline Park, Ponce City Market

July 27, 2017

A couple months back we decided to get all of the people who have referred us to their family and friends to serve for real estate needs together and CELEBRATE how these folks have grown our business like wildfire over the last 2 years. We are forever grateful for the trust and confidence that they have in our team to take care of their people well. We run a very conservative business but wanted to do something bigger than we’ve ever done before – stretching our budget for the friends who have helped us stretch our tent. Once we established the “who” and “what”, we put our brains together and came up with the “where”.

Ponce City Market opened a couple of years ago and just this past year opened a vintage inspired carnival amusement park on their rooftop that boasts of amazing views of our beloved city. We wanted to be reminded, while surrounded by our biggest cheerleaders, how much we love and are for ATL. We wanted a space that offered tons of fun things to do, that made the traffic going downtown worth it – and boy was it ever. We wanted food, and drinks, and games, and community – Skyline Park offered all of those things. THIS was our “where”.

So there we came, sweating our buns off for the first hour or so, but no one seemed to mind. Our “when” came with the July heat and humidity of Atlanta summers. However, the (wonderful, friendly, amazing) staff at Skyline Park kept us well hydrated and the shade of the group space was perfect, not to mention the misters providing a cooler experience.

We couldn’t write about the party and not mention Jim Heitzer of CBC National Bank who helped fund the festivities AND provide a few awesome prizes for our raffle. Jim is one of those people who instantly feel like family – he is so welcoming and warm-hearted. We love Jim because not only is he an incredible friend, husband, dad – but he is a kick-ass lender who gets the job done. He is upfront and honest, he knows his stuff. If you are looking to get in contact with someone to help with your home mortgage, or just have questions about your qualifications, Jim is a boss when it comes to all things mortgage related and you can find his information here. He is also certified to lend in all 50 states. Thank you Jim for showing up, serving with us, and being a reliable part of Catalyst Home Team!

To those who came – thank you! To those who want to be invited next time, we would love to include you in our group of referrers, and cannot wait to serve your family and friends with selling or buying a home! Our contact information can be found here. We hope to have parties like this a couple of times every year – can’t wait for next time!

Two days later and we are still elated over our experience at Skyline Park and don’t think this high is going away any time soon. Check out these photos from the night:













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