Throwback Thursday : Catalyst Home Team Fiesta

July 13, 2017

June and July have been crazy around these parts.

We have moved from cubicle life to an ACTUAL office. With a door. And more storage. Praise hands!  Now we have space to organize and be more efficient with our people, take phone calls without having to whisper… we even have a HUGE window to let in natural light – all of these things allow us to live our best lives, ya know?

We have a ton to be thankful for around the office. Thankful for busy days, thankful for loving clients and friends, thankful that we have the opportunity to serve the people of Atlanta with passion and consistency. All. The. Things. We are also thankful for the little trend called Throwback Thursday, and whatever did we do with our lives before it? Because this par-tay was a couple of weeks ago, we felt the title was appropriate.

Oprah once said, “Love is in the details”

…and boy are we clinging on to that philosophy and bear hugging it with all our might. Details are what make our real estate world go ’round. We meet, plan, and proceed forth to conquer – all with DETAILS strapped around us like bungee cords, propelling us out and reeling us back in. What a rush. What an honor. With details, we get to do things like list, market and sell homes, walk our buyers through the home buying journey, send birthday cards, love on our cheerleaders who send us referrals to serve their friends & family – the list goes on and on and believe me, details are the glue that hold it all together. We have client parties because it’s the little things in life, like stuffing our faces with tacos while being surrounded with clients-turned-friends, that allows us to go deeper with our little tribe. We want everyone who knows Catalyst Home Team to feel KNOWN as well. So here’s a little bit of what went down a few weeks ago.

Although Atlanta’s weather rained on our parade a bit (pun definitely intended), we kept the vibe alive with cactus cupcakes (with flavors like strawberry and key lime pie – omg…) baked by one of our very favorites (hey Don Humphries!), “goody bags” with mexican candy + marg mix + tequila (what’s not to love), a fajita bar, fresh drinks, and the most fun-loving and entertaining clients. We love you guys. We also had one of our amazing vendor partners stop in for some fun – shout out to Caryn DeOliveira from HWA Home Warranty – who made the party so special by joining us. Caryn is always the life of the party and we loved having her there! Also a big shout out to our servers from Chuy’s Bob and Jerry – they truly made our lives easier by keeping the drinks flowing and the food going. Who doesn’t love great service? We know we do.

Here are a few photos of the fiesta, and we look forward to hosting many more events for the people who keep us in business, not just financially, but also emotionally and physically too.





Next party we promise to take more photos OF the party.

Looking to have an amazing home buying or selling experience in Atlanta? We would love to serve you on your journey. Contact a team member today! 678.671.0202.


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